Wednesday was a swell day.

No, really, it was.... until I got to the doctors office, and found out due to the size of my tumour, the level of my cancer, my age, blah blah blah.... a follow up ablation is necessary.

I was taken off my meds immediately. Good-bye lovely synthyroid!! No more help from you!! Good-bye shrimp and other things I love with iodine in them! It's not FAIR!!

I did this once, why again??

This time, it'll be worse. Why? Because I KNOW what will happen. I know I'll get weaker and weaker (faster this time, since there is no residual thyroid in my body to keep me going), my bones will ache and be cold, I won't be able to stand the touch of cloth on my body, I'll itch, I will be SO weak.

Then, the joy of the nuclear meds, when I'll hallucinate, sweat, have to take a zillion showers a day, and that's the fun part!! I've a body scan and a brain scan (no, Katie, I did NOT deliver that as a straight line to you! Ahahaha!!)

I plan on keeping my running diary here, so I can come back and look at how it all went.

I'm already itching like mad, and am up at this hour to change my sheets. It's either the beginning of my symptoms or I've got fleas.

I'm in hopes it's the fleas.