About as unprofessional as they come, Freida Bee is a writer/ blogger, mother, student, wife and now permamently hypothyroid temptress from Texas. She loves to to reveal too much and refer to herself in the third person.

With thyroid issues in both her maternal and fraternal hereditary lines, Freida was told at the tender age of 17 that her thyroid was enlarged. Because she didn't have a clue and her parents didn't think twice about it either, Freida never even thought about her thyroid again until, at the youthful age of 33, her midwife discovered she had a 3.5 cm diameter goiter in an exam in her fourth pregnancy.

Making a longish story short (and 'cause she's gotta leave a few things to write about later), Freida was hyperthyroid due to a multinodular goiter and opted for a partial thyroidectomy which left her with a withered 20% of her original thyroid gland.

She will not be able to give much information about your condition or medicine in general (though she may try), but there is a plethora of wonderful links Katie put over in the sidebar, and Dear Thyroid has its very own DrugMonkey as well. However, Freida wishes to share her story about how, in retrospect, her raving lunacy may have been caused by her hyperthroidism and how still, six years later, she has held on to her pregnancy weight. More than that, though, she is really looking forward to hearing others' stories and maybe learning a thing or two... or so she says.

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