Dear Thyroid,

What the fuck did I ever do to you? You are a sneaky little bastard, sneaking up on me like this. Todays visit was the first step, damn you.

Tomorrow we will take our asses to the lab, and eventually be told what we already know. Mom's got it, Mom Mom's got it,

and thanks to those good ol' hereditary genes, yup, so do we. Hypothyroidsm. Why did I wait so long to do this?

I know why, Im just angry at myself for letting it go this long.

Im 30 for pete's sake! I'm damn near friggin bald, and what's left of my hair is speckeled with gray! I'm suffocating my poor

daughter with the thermostat set on 80, Im a total friggin bitch, my skin is so dry and flaky I feel like pigpen walking around with a cloud of dry skin and hair around me.

Its disgusting, and I hate you.

I used to be pretty and feel sexy dammit! I dieted and lost 50 friggin pounds and felt so great!

Sure, you were still torturing me, but slowly, so I couldnt notice what you were up to. Then WHAM!

Lucky for us, that wonderful sexy ass man we are dating hasnt dropped our crazy ass yet, but I get the feeling he's getting a little

tired of being pushed away after doing it like rabbits for 6 years. Still wondering why he hasnt proposed after all this time,

my dear thyroid??? HELLO - we've been a raging friggin lunatic the last year and half! I bet it didnt help!

So here it is, I'm giving you fair warning right now. Todays visit to Dr. Atkin was my way of telling you its on pal! It's not

going to be easy, I know, but I want my hair back, I want my energy back, I want my sex drive and dammit I want my life back!

And I'm going to get it. You watch me.

Damn you for doing this to me right when everything else was so perfect. HELLO!?!? - werent you there between the ages

of 14-25??? Life was a NIGHTMARE! You wait until I've finally straightened everything out and happier than ever to spring

this shit on me? Real fuckin nice. ITS ON BABY, ITS ON!!!!

Yours Truly,

PS Dont worry Dear Thyroid, there are more letters to come. Thank god for these 3 women who started this site. It was exactly what I needed today.


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