I swear that, like a cold sore, I caught my cancer from my cousin, MB.

She got it first, and, because she gave me everything from measles to a bitchy attitude, she gave me this, too. She swears we got it from our grandmother and/or the DDT truck we ran behind as kids. Either way, it's her fault because she insisted we run behind the truck.

She's small, but, she's pushy.

Her younger sister has had a number of our problems for years... and we've been yakking about it...mostly to whine to our respective mothers, "Annie's copying us again. Make her get her own disease..... this isn't faaaaaaaaaaaaaairrrr!!! Can't she have lupus or something????"

After standing in a corner for two hours (thank GOD for phones with texting abilities) we were allowed to join our families and eventually our children stopped laughing at us.

On the serious side.... Annie did have the noticeable things; lump showed, trouble swallowing, swollen ankles, dry skin... and, after she'd struggled to lose a great deal of weight... BOOM!!.... it popped back on in a matter of months.

She avoided going in until I literally scared her to death with a slow reading of death by thyroid cancer.

Yep.. she's got it. Low end of the spectrum, but, enough to cause problems. She'll join MB and I with our Benny the Shark neck scars in January.


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Blogger Freida Bee said...

Damn DDT trucks! I know a guy whose dad used to be an exterminator and they used to wade in vats of those chemicals. By some freak of nature this guy was still alive at 40, but that 10 years ago. I wonder....

I happen to like my neck scar. If someone ever messes with me, I'm going to act like I survived getting my neck slit in a prison fight.

Good luck to your cousin (and you).

November 24, 2008 at 6:07 PM  

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